Copper Tankard Society members,

Join us for the CTS Pre-Release of the 1912 Sour of Discord.

The longest wait for a beer, I think we’ve ever had….

Some of you might remember this one… a faint glimpse of tasting it, or signing the petition in 2019? First brewed back in 2016, it hasn’t returned to our taps since NOW. Back in 2020, one of our employees, Victoria, stoked out the brewery in hype of this mysterious Sour of Discord.

Through Victoria’s efforts, she was able to get a plethora of signatures to petition the brewers to make this beer! Finally, we are able to try this 1912 creation and all its glory.

Sour of Discord named after the Eighth Circle of Hell in Dante’s Inferno. A treasured telling of the path through hell. “By those who, sowing discord, win their burden.”

Sour of Discord is a pomegranate and devil’s tongue chili Sour!

Cheers! Salud!