Irreverent Warriors events create a network of enduring support by communicating the message: “Your existence matters.”


IRREVERENT: – ir·rev·er·ent – adj. – an inability to take serious things seriously.

Veterans operate differently than most others in the face of tragedy or adversity in that they are more likely to use humor and camaraderie as a coping mechanism. In order to create and maintain this environment of support and understanding, civilians are not allowed to hike in our events.


THE ACTUAL HIKE ITSELF IS FOR VETERANS, ACTIVE DUTY, NATIONAL GUARD, AND RESERVISTS ONLY.  IW Silkies Hikes are a series of therapeutic events that are designed to PREVENT veteran suicide by bringing veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health.  In order to create and maintain this environment of support and understanding, civilians are not allowed to hike.

Please keep in mind that this is not an athletic event.  The hikes are between 4-10 miles, paced at 2-3 miles per hour. There will be frequent stops for fellowship and food/beverages.  Rucks, weight, and boots are optional.

COVID-19 PROCEDURES – In accordance with CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and regulations and UK National Health Service (NHS) guidance, temperatures will be taken, and a contact tracing/liability questionnaire will be completed prior to registration. A temperature lower than 101°F/38°C degrees and a mask are required to be able to participate in the event.


Violators will not be allowed to participate in the event

1. NO CHILDREN/CIVILIANS:  We love you, but this event is not for you. You are encouraged to meet your veterans at hike stops or to volunteer as part of the team. However, the element is for veterans, active duty, and reservists ONLY.

2. DOCUMENTED SERVICE ANIMALS ONLY: – This means that the dog has been trained to provide a service DIRECTLY RELATED to your disability.  Service animals are working animals, NOT PETS, OR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT animals.

Although welcome, your service animals are NOT our responsibility, nor can we accept the liability of caring for your service animal.  Irreverent Warriors volunteers/vehicles legally cannot and will not watch/take care of your service animal.

3. NO OPEN CONTAINERS:  Koozies are not an acceptable cover. You might want to bring a cup, tumbler, or camelback for all your hydration needs! Drinking alcohol will occur in pubs only.

4. OBEY LAWS:  You are accountable to local and international law and many events have law enforcement escorts.  Illegal activities include, but are not limited to PUBLIC INEBRIATION, ILLICIT DRUG USE, DRINKING AND DRIVING, and PUBLIC INDECENCY!  Do not be the problem; be the solution.

5. NO WEAPONS/WEAPON ACCESSORIES Anything that can be considered a weapon to police must not be brought to the event


• SILKIES AND SHIRTS – Silkies are the OFFICIAL HIKE UNIFORM (although not required) and the MINIMUM lower body coverage, and shirts are required at many of our stops.

• SUNBLOCK AND HEADGEAR – Cancer sucks and we will be spending hours in the sun.

• RAINCOAT- Never know when the rain is going to pour down.

• PHOTO ID – Most locations that serve alcohol will require an ID.

• CONTACTLESS PAYMENT METHODS – It is odd times we are living in, but it is important to stay safe. Make sure your payment methods are updated! This will speed up service and is one of the conditions we’ve arranged for food/beverage specials.

• TRANSPORTATION AND SAFETY – Have a transportation plan if you plan on drinking!

• SNACKS – trail mix, beef jerky, i.e., food that will fuel you throughout the day

• HYDRATION – Water, Gatorade, Liquid IV, “Learn more about Liquid IV”: etc.

• EYE PRO – Sunglasses are strongly suggested!

• FLAGS – Patriotic, unit, branch, (NO political or religious flags will be allowed)

• FACEMASK – Bring a face covering!  They will be required at registration and stops.

• MEDICAL SUPPLIES – Vaseline, Band-Aids, Moleskin etc.

• EXTRA SOCKS – The distance may take a toll on your feet.



• READ EVENT DETAILS so you know what is expected and are prepared for the event!

• RESPECT OUR MISSION by respecting our rules, policies, and your fellow attendees!

• SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE on IW Social Media by posting your pictures, videos, and story!


• CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE for more information @


If you are interested in supporting Irreverent Warriors. please, go to: We are incredibly grateful for your donations and support, and guarantee it aids in saving veterans lives EVERY day. We are a public charity, with 501(c)3 tax exemption. Your donations are tax-deductible. The tax ID number is 47-4789126