National Lager Day

Don’t you just love a light-to-medium bodied beer, with a light-to-medium hop impression, with a clean, crisp malt character?

Join us for our celebration of National Lager Day!

As with all beer styles, American Brewers have to put their own twist on the traditional German and Bohemian Lager recipes to create their own style of pale lagers. Some stick to old-school recipes, some use adjuncts like corn and rice, some have Americanized them with domestically-grown hops, and some have even gone as far as to imperialize them (brew them at double, sometimes triple strength). And now, there is even a style know as the IPL (India Pale Lager) rapidly emerging.

We will be highlighting two of our favorite Lagers:
Brig Bound Biere De Garde 8% ABV
El Gallo Blanco 5.2% ABV