We are celebrating INTERNATIONAL STOUT DAY by drinking some stouts! Get your fill of some American 1912 Stouts, like the Mescalito, or our breakfast stout the Desayuno! Enjoy in-house, or order your’s online to pick up early (wwww.1912brewing.com/order-online)

What is a stout, you may ask?

Strikingly bold and undeniably beautiful, the American Stout beer style blends generous amounts of dark malts with American hops to offer an adventurous experience that is unmatched by other styles of beer. Are you afraid of the dark? When it comes to American Stout, don’t be. Allow your senses to run wild with this deceivingly sophisticated take on a European staple. Like many other beer styles that have become prized by American brewers and beer lovers alike, American Stout is a distinct variant of a European Stout beer counterpart. True to style, American stouts showcase generous quantities of the American hops fans have come to expect, and much like other Stout beer types, American stout can be enjoyed year-round but is commonly considered a beer for the fall or winter months. (https://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/styles/158/)

Hope to see you enjoying a stout this week, and especially on November 5th! HAPPY STOUT DAY!