1912 Brewing Company isn’t your typical bar!

Intended for Craft Beer drinkers, this futuristic brewery is looked after by a family of robotic “beertenders” – allowing its visitors to indulge in all things craft. Channel your inner desires – be they beer, mead, or wine – into a transportive world experience. A party that transcends time, place, and expectations.

Welcome to the New World in 2020.

Join us for a Westworld-themed New Year’s Eve party! Taking place in the Wild West, we take a look at a reimagined brewery experience. Dress the part – from sweet-natured farm girls like Dolores, studly bounty hunters like Teddy, Madams and call girls like Maeve and Clementine, cowboys like William, villains like the Man in Black, and hunky thieves like Hector. If the wild west isn’t your taste, go for the more modern clothes suitable for members like the Board and Bernard.

It’ll be a full hoedown with swing dancing, games, and beer!

Daniela’s Cooking will be selling $15 wristbands, for unlimited access to their TACO BAR. YUM.

We will be dropping the ball with New York at 10 pm, with a complimentary champagne toast.