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Collabrewation Beer Release

The Theodore and The Golden Pineapple

In honor of our collaboration, we’ve decided to release our very special, ’Teddy Gosevelt’ Gose on Inauguration day…

Teddy Gosevelt was brewed with our friends at the Theodore and Golden Pineapple. Paying homage to President Theodore Roosevelt and his many accomplishments. 

Teddy Gosevelt is a tart German Wheat Beer (Gose) with Sea Salt, Coriander, and a blend of Guanabana (soursop), Pineapple, and Dragonfruit. Tartness, tons of fruit character, and bright colors make this collaboration as unique as its namesake. Notes of pineapple, strawberry, apple, and sour citrus, with subtle textures reminiscent of banana. 6% ABV 9 IBU 

Inauguration Day happens every four years, after the presidential election. There has been a Head of State or President since 1789. In that year, George Washington was elected for the first time on April 30th, 1789. Subsequent inaugurations were held on March 4th until the second inauguration of President Franklin Roosevelt on January 20th, 1937. It has been that way ever since. Yet, it wasn’t until 1901 when Theodore Roosevelt made his way to the presidency. 

Look for Teddy Gosevelt at 1912 Brewing co, The Golden Pineapple, and the Theodore on January 20th, 2021

Can’s Coming Soon… Label Artwork Designed By Edward Carr III

“When you play, play hard. When you work, don’t play at all!” – Theodore Roosevelt. 

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Weapons Check Cans!

Our fan-favorite is now available in CANS!

Weapons Check pays tribute to our owner/head brewer. Both his Irish Heritage, and service in the Marine Corps are represented with this beer. The Irish Red was one of the first beers he enjoyed brewing almost as much as he enjoyed drinking.

Weapons Check is a traditional Irish red with notes of caramel malt, biscuit, & spice from the traditional English hops. Expect it to finish with a dryer finish than most American style red ales. Slainte!

Grab your Weapons Check cans in-house, or order online. www.1912brewing.com/order-online

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Improvising our way into 2021…

Taste the first in our new Hazy IPA series, Improvise a medium bodied, unfiltered American IPA.

Improvise IPA entraps you with an enticing aroma of tangerine and orange. As the first sip touches your tongue, you are bombarded with tropical notes of citrus, papaya, and stone fruit. This beer ends with lasting flavor’s of the hops Julius, Mosaic, and Citra Hops.

6.8% ABV 50 IBU

Available in-house and online to-go! ? Cheers!

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The second rendition of our El Gallo (The Rooster) series. El Gallo Negro is a Schwarzbier aka Dark Lager originating from Germany.

Flavor profile is dark and roasty with notes of chocolate, caramel, and roasted Malts giving way to the light and crisp finish indicative of Lagers.
4.9% ABV 30 IBU 

Available online (www.1912brewing.com/order-online) or in-house!


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Stop by for your holiday needs. We’ve got you covered with beer, merchandise, and specials!

Please note, we will be CLOSED on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

We will have extended hours on Christmas Eve (12/24) from 1-7 pm, and on New Year’s Eve (12/31) from 6 AM – 6 PM!

Hope to see you there!

Cheers! Salud!

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National Lager Day

Do you find yourself ever dreaming about a light, crisp, and refreshing beer? Something to quench that absolute thirst? We do. 

This week we are celebrating National Lager Day! A Holiday to celebrate one of America’s favorite styles of beer. A beer that exemplifies tremendous restraint, subtly, and drinkability which makes it an enduring style for true beer lovers.

What is a lager? A beer that is pale, amber, or dark. In German, “lager” means storage. Lager’s have a vast variety of styles within its category. Lager’s are defined by their brew process typically brewed at cooler temperatures by slow fermentation with a slow-acting yeast. Often referred to as “Bottom-Fermenting” beers. It was in 1741 when Lager’s were introduced, All Hail Father! Benno Scharl – known as the ‘father’ of modern brewing and early adopter of the term lagering, is born.

Although there are many ways to brew a lager, like a Helles Lager, you can always expect an easy-drinker, and refreshing. If you enjoy alcohol, try a lager this week. 1912 Then I’ll See You In Helles, a Helles Lager is a traditional Munich Helles with heaps of pilsner malt and Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops. Get 2 (6-pks) of the 1912 Helles, for a price of only 1 (6pk)! 


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Ta Weno Especial!


It’s All Good! 

We’re kicking off this Thirsty Thursday with a buy 2, get 1 free special of our Ta Weno Mexican Amber!

Purchase 2 (4pk’s) of our favorite easy drinking Amber and get your 3rd one FREE! Perfect for any light drinker, or craft enthusiast. 

Available ‘til Sunday 12/6/2020!

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245th USMC Birthday Celebration at 1912 Brewing Co!

Throwback to last year’s celebration… We know it will be a bit different and smaller, but we are super excited to celebrate with you again! On November 9th, 2020 our 245th US Marine Corps Birthday Celebration is at 1912 Brewing Co!

Get your tickets online at www.1912brewing.com/order-online. There are only a few more tickets left for the celebration. You can also celebrate with us remotely by purchasing an Online USMC ticket. The online ticket will include online access to our USMC Ceremony, a 16oz 1912 beer, and a gourmet cupcake for dessert. Please, pick-up your items before the event to enjoy while you watch!