Welcome to 1912 Brewing Company

1912 Brewing Taproom has 20 + Taps of various beer styles, Blondes, Red Ales, India Pale Ales, Sours/Goses, Stouts and even Barrel-Aged beers. We are most known for Sours and Goses, which has an intentionally acidic, tart, or sour taste. We create a variation within the style itself, from heavily fruited and sweet like the Baya Gose. To dry and smooth, like the Oeste, using flavors indicative to Tucson.

Blueberry Pie Gose, 2019 Peoples Choice Award Winner at Hotel Congress Born and Brewed Festival


One of our favorite Tucson treasures is Tucson Tamale Company, we currently carry 5 different types of Tucson Tamales. Each tamale is paired with Daniela’s Cooking house-made Chips and Salsa for extra.

– Green Chile Pork & Cheese Tamales pair with 1912 IPA
– Red Chile Beef Tamales pair with 1912 Sour/Gose
– Green Chile & Cheese Tamales pair with 1912 IPA *Vegetarian
– Blue Corn and Vegetable Tamales pair with 1912 Sour/Gose *Vegan
– Cheese Tamales pair with 1912 Amber, or Lager *Vegetarian
*All Tamales are gluten free and made with organic non-GMO masa.

Looking for a Snack? Try our 1912 Popcorn with some Tucson flare, ask your beertender to Amp It Up, and get it topped with Cholula and Tajin. You can also get Daniela’s Cooking house-made Chips & Salsa. Three different spice levels include: Mild, Regular, and Stupid Hot.



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Bring your family, and friends for a night of fun. Play on our shuffle board, darts, jenga, and various board and card games.

Not always in the mood for beer?

We carry two wines in cans available for in-house or to-go!

Date Night, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Blackberry Hex Mead

Drink one of the oldest forms of alcohol, Mead from Superstition Meadery in Prescott, AZ. Mead is fermented Honey Water usually with added spices, and fruits. Get a flight or a glass, and get bottles to-go!


Don’t let the fun stop at the taproom. Take a Cans, Screamers, and Crowler’s to-go!

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