As some of you may heard, in September of 2018, we ventured all the way to Colorado for The Great American Beer Festival (GABF). This festival brings together breweries from all over the country to taste and experience beer from across the U.S.

At GABF, Sam Adams announced 1912 Brewing as the winners of Brewing The American Dream program. Sam Adams’ brewers, marketing team, and even Jim Koch himself took 1912’s Owners on a week-long trip of training and brewing to help us become as successful as we can be! This April, we brewed with Sam Adams’ head brewers and came up with the All Set In The West Kettle Sour. This beer was brewed using 1912 Brewing Company’s Naughty Naranja sour culture, agave nectar, cranberries, and tamarindo, while being fermented on Sam Adams’ propriety lager yeast. The name All Set in the West stems from the New England saying, “I’m all set” meaning I’m good, satisfied, and don’t need anything.

We are excited to release this to all our friends in Tucson, we hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to tell your Boston friends to head over to the Boston Brewery Taproom and try it out for themselves!