Join us for a Marine Corps Happy Hour at 1912 Brewing Co. Are you a Marine? A friend of a Marine? Have Marines in the family? Come out and meet your fellow Marines for a chance to meet new people, hang out, and enjoy some brews, wine, or n/a beverages. 1912 will have the food menu available with snacks, salads, and pizzas!

Marines got their nickname “DEVIL DOGS” back in 1918 during the Battle of Belleau Wood in Germany. As the legend goes, from the Germans’ vantage point, they witnessed a pack of tenacious, growling figures wearing gas masks, with bloodshot eyes and mouth foam seeping from the sides, advancing up the hill, sometimes on all fours, killing everything in their way. German soldiers began to yell that they were being attacked by “Teufel Hunden” or “dogs from hell.” The Battle of Belleau Wood is one of the most legendary battles in Marine history.

Happy Hour starts at 1800 hrs

See you there!